Bob Cutten

--Learned basic photography from his father working in a commercial art studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

--Furthered his art and photographic skills working in what was then New Zealand’s tiny film industry.  His first employer in film work was actor Russell Crowe’s grandfather  cinematographer Stan Wemyss. His next employer was pioneer NZ filmaker  John O’Shea. In filmmaking Bob did special effects photography and graphic art as well as directing and photographing television commercials and documentaries.

--Went to London in the late sixties and made travel documentaries in Europe.

--Arrived in San Francisco  in the seventies. Met and married Elissa.  Living in San Francisco did street theatre, politics, posters, and art shows.  Designed and built furniture.   Carpentry skills led to home remodeling and contracting.

--Bob has learned that all his photographic and art skills work so much more quickly and easily with photoshop and digital photography.  The website reflects his work in digital art.